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ElectroLytes for GT/GTS

ElectroLytes for GT/GTS

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Introducing ElectroLytes for GT - Illumination Redefined!

 **UPDATE: We are working on a unit more refined for the specifications required for optimal experience on GTS models. GTS riders hang tight!

Enhance your riding experience with the all-new ElectroLytes for GT, the ultimate dynamic color headlight and taillight solution. Elevate your ride and stand out from the crowd with this cutting-edge lighting system designed specifically for the GT.

 After extensive research and development, we are thrilled to present the most advanced ElectroLytes yet, boasting a revolutionary design approach tailored exclusively for the GT platforms. The daughterboard design ensures a sleek fit within your controller enclosure, streamlining the installation process for a hassle-free experience.

What sets ElectroLytes for GT apart is its single-unit control, managing both front and rear lights from a singular source. Say goodbye to the complexities of previous models and welcome a more user-friendly, versatile solution to illuminate your ride.

Explore an array of new colors and patterns for taillights, alongside single-color options for your headlights. Whether you prefer an all-color gaze or a mix of color with your high beams for heightened visibility, ElectroLytes for GT offers a spectrum of customization options to match your unique style.

 Breaking away from the magnet-key era, our groundbreaking product is now controlled via a custom app on your mobile device. Enjoy an intuitive interface that lets you seamlessly adjust primary and secondary taillight colors, experiment with headlight glow effects, and fine-tune brightness settings—all while cruising on your board.

 Key Features:

  • Dynamic taillight colors and patterns
  • Single-color options for headlights
  • User-friendly daughterboard design for easy installation
  • Mobile app control for a personalized experience
  • Utilize the full spectrum of RGBW LEDs for vivid illumination
  • USB-updatable for future features and software updates

 Illuminate the night, turn heads, and synchronize your board with your own unique style. ElectroLytes for GT is not just a lighting upgrade; it's a statement. 

 **Please note that installation requires opening your controller enclosure and may void your warranty. If you're not comfortable with this process, contact your local service provider for assistance.**

 Gear up for a new era of shredding with ElectroLytes for GT—where innovation meets illumination. 



*GT Compatible only*

*Patent Pending*

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